Marc Cohen

With more than 30 years of managing large Jewelry Manufacturing Operations and being accountable for the entire process from design to delivery to retailers worldwide. I have achieved significant experience in strategic planning, facilities management, team building, quality control, loss prevention and merchandising.

With these accomplishments and an understanding of delivering quality and value, the migration of these skills to Eyeson was a natural one. “It is impossible to see everything so Eyeson delivers what you really need to see. The faster you see the problem, the more time you will have to solve it, and prevent it from happening again.”

Through its intuitive software Eyeson provides the tools that elevate accountability, allow for faster and more positive decision making and ultimately enhance the skills of the workforce.

Just as there is no “i” in ‘Team’, there is no “I” in Eyeson. We are a team of highly skilled individuals who have blended them together to provide quality and extraordinary value in each of its systems we deliver.

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you.


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