Gold scores its highest finish in a week

Gold futures notched their highest finish in a week on Wednesday but maintained the tight trading...

13-Year-Old Uncovers Silver Treasure of Viking King Bluetooth

Give a kid a metal detector and there’s no telling what he’ll find—or what unlikely connections he...

Beyond the Shop: Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty programs are a great way to make customers feel valued and to get them to become...

Have FUN with your Advertising

Advertising is all about getting your message across and making it memorable. You’ve heard the...

4 Mistakes to Avoid which are Hurting your Small Business

Most individuals interested in starting a small business are not interested in putting in all the...

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20 Tips to Lower Utility Bills in Your Business

From marketing to payroll, inventory and taxes, there are many ongoing costs associated with running your small business. However, there’s one cost that many small business owners overlook: utilities. Ironically, your utility bill is one area with the most potential...

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7 Ways to Use Digital Coupons to Grow Your Retail Sales

Do you use coupons to attract customers to your retail store? Today’s deal-hungry consumers have come to expect coupons as a part of doing business, and if you want to keep up with your competitors, you’d better be offering deals on a regular basis. Digital coupons...

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Opinion: 7 reasons gold prices will crash this summer

Gold prices have been on a bit of a roller coaster since Election Day. After the presidential vote last November sparked a “risk-on” rally for U.S. stocks, gold tumbled from more than $1,300 an ounce to under $1,150 just before Christmas. That’s a more than 11%...

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The No. 1 Benefit Your Employees Want

With healthcare making headlines as politicians debate what to do about the Affordable Care Act, it may come as no surprise that the number-one employee benefit your employees want is health insurance.

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10 Examples of Great Integrated Marketing Campaigns

“Integrated Marketing combines both outbound, traditional marketing with inbound marketing and other tactics to promote accelerated success in businesses,” Mark Schmukler, the CEO and Co-founder of the Sagefrog Marketing Group. That means you can and should use social...

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Etsy names Josh Silverman as its new CEO

There’s been a shakeup in Etsy‘s leadership, with CEO Chad Dickerson and CTO John Allspaw departing. Josh Silverman, the former Skype and Evite CEO who joined Etsy’s board last fall, is taking over as CEO, while VP of Engineering Mike Brittain will serve as interim...

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A Synthetic Diamond Overgrowth on a Natural Diamond

Nitrogen is the most abundant defect in natural diamonds. It can be observed as single substitutional atoms or in aggregated forms. Boron, on the other hand, is a rare impurity in natural diamonds. It is very unusual to see both nitrogen and boron defects in a single...

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Small Businesses Big Winners in Proposed Trump Tax Cuts

Historic tax cuts for American small businesses could be just around the corner. In an announcement at the White House today, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin unveiled proposed sweeping reforms to the tax code for all U.S. businesses. At the same time, President...

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Retailers and big banks are lining up for the beginning of a showdown on Capitol Hill this week as the House holds a hearing on legislation that would repeal debit card swipe fee reform that has saved merchants and their customers more than $40 billion over the past...

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What is an Integrated Marketing Campaign?

This second installment looks at how to take a step back and watch how these moving parts interact by looking at a few hypothetical campaigns that bridge the gap between cyberspace, print, radio and television.

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What Is Integrated Marketing?

At first glance, the statistics seem like they’re at odds with each other — as though someone had mixed some generational marketing numbers up and accidentally placed ones that spoke to Boomers’ shopping preferences beside stats for the Millennials.

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