Free Shipping, Smooth Shopping Experience Led to Spikes in Spending Cyber Monday

The power of discounts was on display yet again this year during the holiday shopping weekend as...

Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2018 Spending Up 6% Over Last Year, 5% for Small Businesses

Early shopping results from First Data’s Holiday Insights Dashboard have revealed overall spending...

How to Focus on Quality over Quantity with Social Media

Google ‘small business social media’ and you’ll find hundreds of articles touting the need to be...

Text Messaging: Opt-In Best Practices

Text messaging is a great service that you can provide to your customers to help keep them up to...

Cracking the Code on Heating and Cooling Costs for Your Business

Small businesses across the United States spend a staggering $60 billion on energy every year,...

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How Sponsoring a Local Event Can Grow Your Business

There are more ways than ever to market to your audience, but businesses are overlooking some of the strategies available to them. According to an infographic from Zipsprout, sponsoring an event is one of the channels most businesses have yet to try.

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5 Habits All Small Business Owners Need for Success

Starting a business takes vision, drive, and hard work. However, sometimes business owners get so used to putting all their time and energy into their business’ success that they are sabotaging their business’ future. From focusing on self-care to shifting your...

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The Lights Are Always On, and There’s Always Someone Home

No product or service – or end user – is perfect. This is especially true when it comes to hardware and software. Most entrepreneurial-dominated industries are successful because the people who make up the industry focus on what they do best. In the collateral lending...

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Master the Art of Local Marketing with these 12 Tips

Local marketing has multiple benefits for a business. It offers you the opportunity to get your products and services in the face of new home-based customers and can elevate your business in the community. Your company can easily become a household name by being front...

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Free is Better Than Fast for Ecommerce Consumers

According to the 2018 annual eCommerce survey by Dotcom Distribution, more than 90% of the respondents placed a high value on free returns when they make an online purchase. A slightly higher number (91%) also said their future purchase is influenced by free shipping.

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5 Business Tax Breaks for Disasters

On the heels of Hurricane Florence, businesses should be aware of tax breaks to help them through weather disasters resulting from nature or humans. Tax relief can help ameliorate the financial cost from the damage or destruction to your business property.

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You Have a Business Listing; Now What?

Get Customer Reviews and Much More Business listings and online reviews have become increasingly important to online success. GatherUp is a service that helps businesses: encourage satisfied customers to leave both direct reviews and public online reviews; get...

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Google Plus to Shut Down: What Small Businesses Need to Know

Google is shutting down Google+ as a social network, effective August 31, 2019. Google made the announcement on October 8, the same day as a Wall Street Journal story outlining that the data of a half million users was exposed. Google knew about the security issue...

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Gearing Up for Black Friday 2018

Hey y’all! Anyone who knows me over the years knows…. I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!!!! So I’m back again this year to talk about Black Friday and how it’s going to affect your business. I’m also sharing my Black Friday predictions as well as which stores will be open on...

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How to Create the Best Videos for Instagram

So, how do small businesses get involved? What are the best practices to get video working for you on Instagram? Here are a few thoughts that should supply a framework and even allow your small business to compete with bigger players and their large marketing budgets.

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Social Media Marketing

We take pride in our marketing efforts here at Data Age and in turn often get the opportunity to answer our customers' questions about marketing and promotions. Shop owners often want to know how they can go about marketing their business online. We've put together a...

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