Writing an About Page for Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard, Read These 4 Tips

Here’s a food for thought: as a modern, fairly tech-savvy small business owner, have you designed...

Leveraging For Success

Growing up in the 80s and being around pawn shops my entire life, I was surrounded by the stigma...

Data Age Business Systems Partners With Podium Customer Interaction Management

Data Age Business Systems, the developers of PawnMaster and Buy/Sell Plus, are proud to announce...

The Ins and Outs of the Diamond Recovery Process

The process of diamond and gemstone recovery from karat gold jewelry scrap is far more complex and...

Behind the Counter: Hire, Train, and Retain

Hiring new staff members for your store can be challenging; believe me, I know. But there's more...

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Popular Jewelry Styles for 2018

Shopping for a birthday, anniversary or special occasion in 2018? GIA experts searched high and low for what’s trending and found these popular jewelry styles: big hoop earrings, big cuffs, quirky cameos and more. Take a look before you shop.

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Jewelry Display

What is typically the biggest asset in your store? Outside of your loans, it’s your jewelry inventory – yet very little money, time and effort is typically allocated for displaying your jewelry in the most effective manner. You’ve stocked your pawn shop with unique...

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A Little Help from the Coin Guy

Train your staff! A little help from the coin guy today. Sadly I do see some pawnbrokers who have paid decent money for this stuff which is usually not worth anything over it's face value.

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How to Make a Great First Impression in 30 Seconds or Less

If you think you have at least a couple of minutes to make a first impression, you are wrong! According to the On Stride Financial infographic below, you only have at most 100 milliseconds to form an initial impression. What this really means to small business owners...

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Get Started on Your Business Plan for 2018

1. E-Commerce. My kids have coined the phrase, “If you’re not online, you’ve flatlined.” to describe how their lives are so interwoven with the Internet and social media. This also describes any pawn shop not utilizing various sales platforms (eBay, Amazon,...

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Apply These 4 Secret Hacks to Increase Your Facebook Reach

Facebook plays a vital role in the success of most businesses. It serves as a way to connect with customers, share information about business activities and reach out to potential clients. But changes to Facebook’s algorithm have made organic reach harder, as Mark...

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6 Problems Bad Management Can Cause

Making Employees Fearful When staff fears management, it makes them unhappy about coming to work. Studies show that happy workers are more productive workers. It also makes them feel like they can't approach their managers about an issue. This can be dangerous for a...

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Top 12 PawnMaster Blogs of 2017

We would like to extend an extra special thank you to our partners and customers who have contributed to our blog this year to help us put out valuable information.

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Why Pawnbrokers Should Use Social Media to Sell Inventory

Who can remember keeping the ads in the Sunday paper and using these to value items coming in the door, especially as a price guide for inventory coming out for sale? Ahh, talk about the good ol’ days! Customers would come in and see a TV that looked to be a good...

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When to go Mobile?

There is an app for this, there is an app for that, there is an app for just about anything you can think of. So what happens when the demand for something moves so quickly the supply can’t keep up? No matter what the product is, this will be a problem. In retail, it...

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Fluff or Substance; Which One Do You Want from Your Vendor?

When it comes down to your business, the answer to this question should be crystal clear. You rely on your vendor to help you operate your business on a day-to-day basis, during business hours and beyond. There should is no room for fluff when it comes to your...

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Pay ’em and Play ’em

As I travel across this country touring pawnshops from coast to coast, the most common challenge facing owners is rising inventory levels.  Their monthly sales are simply not keeping up with the amount of “pulls”, also known as inventory added through forfeited loans...

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The Secret Sauce to Beating Your Competition with Reviews

It’s been reported that for every star a business gets, it will see an increase of approximately 5-9% in business revenue. So if an increase like that sounds good to you, start paying attention to those reviews. What would be the benefit of a 5-9% increase in your...

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