Refining Matters: Focus on the Pawn Industry

The pawn industry enjoys a unique relationship with United PMR. As the largest US-owned primary...

Amazon to start collecting state sales taxes everywhere

On Saturday Amazon (AMZN) will start collecting sales taxes on purchases in the last four states...

Small Businesses Take Center Stage at Facebook Summit

Facebook has introduced a new way for Pages to connect with Instagram and another to widen or...

Behind the Counter: Qualifying Customers

When it comes to running a successful pawn business, one of the most important skills for a broker...

What is WiFi Marketing and How Can it Help Your Small Business?

WiFi marketing is being touted as the latest must-have for your small business toolbox. There’s...

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Pawn shop owner helps police bust thief

JACKSON COUNTY -- Team work between a pawn shop owner and police has landed a thief behind bars. A man who stole from his employer, and then tried to sell the items to a pawn shop, will head to prison. Kenneth Carson pleaded guilty to theft in Jackson County court...

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How to spot a fake Gibson Les Paul in seconds

It seems everyone has an opinion on this topic; over the weekend, the piece, which you can check out here, turned into a forum (in the comments section of the story and on Facebook) of alternating opinions and extra information.

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10 Easy Ways to Create and Enforce a Positive Company Culture

Culture starts at the top. When an issue surfaces, your employees will look to you for conflict management. That’s why we asked 10 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following question: “Name one way you set an example for your employees in order...

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Gold price edges lower, strong dollar weighs

Gold was in negative territory on Monday December 12 in London, battling pressure from a strengthening dollar ahead of a crucial Federal Reserve meeting this week. The spot gold price was recently quoted at $1,155.65/1,156.05 per oz, down $2.35 on the previous close....

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The Key to Local Marketing: Blending Online and Offline

Any business that believes marketing can be divided into neat little categories is destined for failure. There’s no such thing as an online marketing strategy and an offline marketing strategy. Local marketing requires a unified effort, regardless of the...

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Gun sales boom on Black Friday

The Black Friday weapon sales are not driven by the Christmas spirit since gun laws in many states prohibit buying guns for someone else. The sales are driven by sharp discounts.

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97 percent of online adults aged 16-64 say they have visited or used a social network within the last month. Internet users have average of 7 social accounts, up from 3 in 2012. More than half of online adults 56 percent use more than one of the five social media...

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Gold Rises on Weaker Dollar

Gold prices rose Monday as a weaker dollar lifted the metal from recent lows. Gold for December closed up 0.1% at $1,209.80 a troy ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange.

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