10 Local Marketing Ideas You May Not Have Considered – Yet

Consider the fact that over half (58%) of senior marketers think local marketing is essential....

Customer Service: Serving the Under Served

As we enter the mid-year mark of 2019, so many people ask me, “How do you win and how do you have...

A Shout Out To Our Tech Support Team

I’ve had the pleasure of attending the 2019 Midwest Pawn Convention this past weekend, and I got...

Millennials… The next generation now

Millennial debt has crept up to over 1 trillion dollars and is growing steadily. Credit card debt...

8 Secrets of the World’s Best Marketers Revealed

The world of marketing has changed, and changed, and changed again during the fifteen years that...

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Gold price continues to fall on weak demand; silver rebounds

Gold prices dropped further at the domestic bullion market today due to lack of local buying support at existing levels as well as reduced offtake from jewellery stockists. Silver, however, regained some lost ground after its relentless slide on fresh demand from...

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AG sues Lonoke County pawnbroker over loans

LITTLE ROCK — Attorney General Dustin McDaniel filed a lawsuit Thursday accusing a Lonoke County pawnbroker of marketing illegal auto-title loans with interest rates of more than 300 percent to dozens of Arkansas consumers. Full report here 

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De Beers May Sight Estimated at $560M

The De Beers May sight closed with an estimated value of $560 million as the rough diamond market remains steady. Sightholders reported that prices on some boxes were adjusted slightly; however,  on average, prices and assortments were basically unchanged.  Read on

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Cops nab 2 suspected jewelry thieves for housebreak spree

Two suspected jewelry thieves from Natick have been charged with multiple attempted and successful housebreaks that investigators said date back to Feb. 27 and targeted at least eight communities. The robberies occurred in Wayland, Weston, Wellesley, Sherborn,...

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Optimizing your business posts on Facebook

Many of us know that having an active presence on social media is critical for our brands and businesses to remain competitive and relevant. It is equally as important to stay current on what it means to be relevant. Read more

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Man Pleads Guilty After Pawn Shop Finds Child Porn On Laptop

A man who sold his laptop containing child porn to a pawn shop admitted to the crimes Tuesday in court. Wesley Metcalf pleaded guilty to seven counts of third degree sexual exploitation of a minor before a Superior Court judge in Onslow County. Full report here

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Small talk gets a bad reputation. To avoid this allegedly meaningless drivel, people skip networking events. Or, almost as bad, they attend, but talk to the three people they already know. This is shortsighted, says Debra Fine, author of The Fine Art of Small Talk....

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Chicago looking at unlocked cell phone crackdown

Plagued by cell phone thefts, especially on the CTA, Chicago aldermen endorsed a measure Monday that would require those who make money off unlocking the devices to keep records on their customers. Read report here

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New ordinance possible for Hopkins Co. pawn shops

County Attorney Todd P'Pool introduced a draft for a new county-wide ordinance concerning record keeping and the ability of law enforcement to track shop inventory to make sure stolen merchandise isn't being sold.   Read more

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