Millennial Spending Habits

Millennials have proven themselves to be different than any other generation. This year they have...

Mother’s Day expected to deliver highest consumer spending to date

WASHINGTON – Mother’s Day spending is expected to total a record $25 billion this year, up from...

The Hidden Mystery Behind Why 36% of Small Businesses STILL Don’t Have a Website

According to the SBA, of the 30 million businesses in the U.S., only 64% of small businesses have...

4 visual merchandising tips for boosting sales, driving growth

As the shopping journey transitions online, visual merchandising becomes increasingly important...

Invest In Your Business

According to an analysis by the Economic Policy Institute, the median working-age couple has only...

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9 Business Lessons from a Pawn Shop Pro

Money Mizer’s CEO Robbie Whitten has learned a thing or two about dealing with customers in his 30 years in the pawn business. He shares a few of those tips with BusinessNewsDaily readers. Read the article here

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Why business is picking up for high-end pawn shops

One of the interesting, and potentially market-changing, stories to come out of this current recession is the creation of high-end pawn operations, or what some people in the business prefer to call "collateral lenders". Read more

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