Writing an About Page for Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard, Read These 4 Tips

Here’s a food for thought: as a modern, fairly tech-savvy small business owner, have you designed...

Leveraging For Success

Growing up in the 80s and being around pawn shops my entire life, I was surrounded by the stigma...

Data Age Business Systems Partners With Podium Customer Interaction Management

Data Age Business Systems, the developers of PawnMaster and Buy/Sell Plus, are proud to announce...

The Ins and Outs of the Diamond Recovery Process

The process of diamond and gemstone recovery from karat gold jewelry scrap is far more complex and...

Behind the Counter: Hire, Train, and Retain

Hiring new staff members for your store can be challenging; believe me, I know. But there's more...

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5 Tips for Running a Successful Business

When it comes to success, I’ve always believed in the saying, The length of our life is finite, but its wideness depends on us. This philosophy just means that our purpose is to achieve grand things and widen the scope of our lives in the short time we have.

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Does Performance-Based Pay Really Work?

Small business owners who don’t want to give employees permanent pay increases may be using performance-based pay — such as bonuses or profit-sharing arrangements — to reward employees without putting too much stress on their business finances. But it turns out this...

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Silver Set To Extend Bullish Run For Ninth Week

As of Friday, Gold and silver have risen for the third straight day and both precious metals look closed the week higher. Over the past nine weeks, gold has risen on eight occasions. Silver meanwhile has risen in each of the past nine weeks. These dollar-denominated...

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Your Small Business Should Outsource These Marketing Tasks

Here’s a list of all the things business owners may want to consider outsourcing in 2017. Just note that depending on your business you may not have to do all of these. Also note that you don’t have to do it all at once. You can ease into it as your budget...

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Gold prices held back by strong dollar headwinds

Precious metals are holding their ground this morning, Wednesday February 22, with gold and silver prices either side of unchanged, with spot gold at $1,235.10 per oz, while palladium is up 0.6% and platinum is up 0.2%. This follows on from Tuesday’s general weakness...

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8 Ideas to Attract Customers to Your Store on a Slow Day

You’re caught between the holiday shopping frenzy and the anticipation of spring. Bad weather in most of the country (even in Southern California where I live, it’s been pouring rain for months) tends to keep shoppers indoors. On one of those days when you’ve been...

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Why Video Has Become THE Hottest Digital Marketing Trend

Online marketing trends change with every new delivery method and channel. Each year brings new technology, new opportunities, and new social channels to catch user fancy. The big winners in the battle for buyer attention might be early adopters throwing resources...

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1972: Trade Street Pawn Shops

n the 1970s there were four pawn shops within a block of each other and the new Civic Center. This April, 1972 story is about that unusual way to make a living. (And be sure to look at the slide show!)

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6 Ways to Sharpen Your Everyday Negotiations Skills

People are often surprised, and a little intimidated, when they learn that my research expertise is in negotiations. They remark, “but you are so personable … transparent… straightforward.” And I think, “It’s too bad that’s a surprise. . .”

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5 Big Trends and Tips for Social Media Marketing

In this social media dominated world, marketing is heavily reliant on technology, but that technology remains focused on people. This year’s trends will help marketers reach and engage their audience on a more personal level, over social media noise. Companies will be...

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Small Business Owners Skip Web Optimization, New Study Finds

“The number one reason why small business owners are online is to attract and engage with new customers, yet our report indicates small business owners may be having a hard time keeping up with the continually changing dynamic of the web,” the Web.com (NASDAQ:WEB) CEO...

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How You Can Protect Customer Data and Keep Customers Safe

In a world where everyone wants to deflect blame and accept as little responsibility for their actions as possible, it’s refreshing to see a company like Savant owning up to an issue that’s long been a point of contention between businesses, consumers and the...

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The Most Important Steps To Establishing Your Brand Online

If you have done any reading on online marketing, you’ve already learned why blogging is important for business owners. Blogs remain one of the most powerful tools for expanding your influence, building credibility, and getting more exposure for your business.

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