10 Local Marketing Ideas You May Not Have Considered – Yet

Consider the fact that over half (58%) of senior marketers think local marketing is essential....

Customer Service: Serving the Under Served

As we enter the mid-year mark of 2019, so many people ask me, “How do you win and how do you have...

A Shout Out To Our Tech Support Team

I’ve had the pleasure of attending the 2019 Midwest Pawn Convention this past weekend, and I got...

Millennials… The next generation now

Millennial debt has crept up to over 1 trillion dollars and is growing steadily. Credit card debt...

8 Secrets of the World’s Best Marketers Revealed

The world of marketing has changed, and changed, and changed again during the fifteen years that...

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What Entrepreneurs Could Learn From Storytellers

With the intense competition in today’s marketplace, entrepreneurs are always searching for new and better ways to become memorable to their market. The art of storytelling can help entrepreneurs make a clear and impactful case for their product.  Read more 

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Sharp-eyed pawn shop owner returns stolen statue

TEXAS CITY, TX (KTRK) -- Thieves yanked a beloved baseball statue right out of the ground from a park in Texas City, but now it's on its way back home. And police are giving ABC-13 part of the credit for its return. Read on

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Grandpa’s Pawn of Longmont turns 20

The coat of arms that greets customers walking into Grandpa's Pawn & Gun isn't for sale — it's too much of a conversation piece, owner Rod Brandenburg said. But just about everything else in the store can be had at the right price — and there's no shortage of...

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New Concept in Pawn Brokerage

“The old image of pawn shops has certainly been upgraded by the pawn broker reality TV shows,” Jeffery Knight, manager of Bayou Pawn in Zachary, told the Zachary POST. “We keep our store clean and brightly lit as you would any retail store.” Read more here 

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5 Tips for Becoming Debt Free in 2014

We have too much debt in the country, our government’s spending has reached record levels and consumers have racked up more than $115 billion in credit card debt in the past three years alone. Let's make 2014 the year that changes that! Read here

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